The TECH300SD is Bartec’s entry level activation tool, with the added punch of market leading features and functions. The TECH300SD has Bartec TPMS innovation on the inside and ergonomics on the outside. The TECH300SD is compact yet it has the TPMS functions that Automotive Technicians want.

TECH300SD Connectivity
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The TECH300SD has market leading coverage for the diagnosis and repair of the TPMS sensors found in all new Domestic and Import vehicles. Bartec has designed the TECH300SD to be flexible according to the needs of the repair facility. The TECH300SD is an ACTIVATION Tool that can be later upgraded to be a COMBINATION tool.

As an ACTIVATION tool, the TECH300SD can check and diagnose TPMS sensors during the TEST BEFORE YOU TOUCH phase of the repair. The TECH300SD can perform the TPMS Relearn on vehicles that have the Stationary method. The TECH300SD can also be used in conjunction with a SCAN TOOL to complete TPMS diagnostics and repairs.

Once upgraded with the OBD Connector Kit (purchased separately) the TECH300SD can perform OBD relearns as well detect TPMS related fault codes (DTC’s), making it a powerful yet compact TPMS solution. Once upgraded, the TECH300SD can diagnose problems and reset the TPMS control module of Asian makes such as Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Toyota.

TECH300SD Features

  • Make Model Year look up (for accurate and efficient operation and diagnostics) including MY2012 coverage!
  • Part number look up, including the ability to select different part number lists!
  • Programs EZ-sensor™
  • Removable SD Card for computer-free updating
  • Rechargeable 9 volt battery (field replaceable)
  • On-screen data reporting
  • VIN and DTC detection (OBD version only)
  • Printable audit reports (helps with Test Before you Touch and troubleshooting)
  • OBDII Connectivity and programming (OBD version only)
  • Programs BOTH Domestic and Import models (the broadest range of coverage)
  • Key Fob signal and RF signal detection (in all known frequencies)

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